Traveling to Forget? Here are Real Stories to Help You Move On


Many of us have been there: once, we wanted to get away from everything after a heartbreak. I’ve read about this on different travel groups in Facebook that to me, it has almost become clichéd to travel to nurse a heartbreak.

I’ve been there before, but I was younger and didn’t have the money for a getaway haha. What I did was to look outward and be more sensitive to other people’s suffering–I knew there were so many who had it worse.

This is what I recommend that you do, too. Starting this month, will run its Breakup Blog Series to promote their first featured ebook “I’m Moving on From Breakup.” Here, many others have shared their experiences for other women, namely:

AJ Villamar– a Social Media Assistant Reporter for The Philippine Star. She creates art to express herself and dedicates poems for her faith and the people she treasures most.

Arlene Cheng– a former missionary teaching Math in Port Moresby and now lives in Papua New Guinea. She believes that a good attitude will enable blessings to be multiplied and shared among others.

Dani Hernandez – an aspiring promothean and creative writer who works as Human Resources Officer for a marketing and advertising company.

Elle Hucal – A blogger who started her site as an online diary while managing her fashion shop, The Brown Spot.

Janis Narvas – A marketing associate in a firm in Makati who loves locally sourced coffee, a bowl of zesty pho, and rusty old trains.

Nini Perez – An entrepreneur, wife, and mother to a very energetic toddler who advocates for natural parenting and breastfeeding.

Paula Cabildo – A beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger who describes herself as Jane-of-All-Trades.

Thewata Hernandez – A lifestyle blogger, food lover, and dreamer who believes that everyone can achieve each goal with dedication and hard work.

Tine Ibanez – A freelancer who writes poems when inspiration strikes from watching Asian series and anime.

If you’re currently traveling to nurse a broken heart, I recommend that you read these stories. There’s nothing more helpful than hearing other stories who have been through the same experiences.

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Is a digital marketer in a firm in Makati who loves locally sourced coffee, a bowl of zesty pho, and rusty old trains. She likes to write about the places she’s been to and the places she wants to see.

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