If you’re from the north and you love to eat like me, you must have braved the EDSA traffic at least once just to get a good meal in Pasig or Taguig. Fortunately, there are always new places to try in Quezon City. For those who enjoy unique gastronomic experiences, you’ll love the newest restaurant on this side of town – The Barn by Tipsy Pig. 


At The Barn, we find the basic elements of Tipsy Pig Gastropub that customers have come to love: their signature bestsellers, their unique cocktails, and flavored beers, and even the decor and interior design. With its modern yet edgy interiors and long wooden tables, it’s a perfect spot for a drink with co-workers or a hearty meal with the family.

The Barn Menu

Executive chef Rainier Barbers said that there’s nothing fancy about their new Western-Asian themed dishes: they simply want to share food that hits home. Mr. Barbers and his partner want their customers to discover the food they’ve enjoyed in their travels, but served with a local twist that will tickle our palate.

potato shrimp balls

We had Potato Shrimp Balls (PHP 280) for our starter, which is a simple dish with local shrimp and parsley, and laced with aligue mayonnaise. That may not sound like an unhealthy combination, but the mayo sure complemented the chewy goodness of the potato balls.

the barn salad

Next, we had The Barn (PHP 290), a gourmet salad prepared with mixed greens, arugula, slices of egg, candied walnut, Bleu cheese, and bacon vinaigrette. I’m a huge fan of Bleu cheese, so naturally, this blew me away.

farmhouse pizza

The Farmhouse Pizza (PHP 420) is a thin-crust pizza with Prosciutto, tomato confit, arugula, and mozzarella topped with balsamic glaze. It’s crunchy and light, which is how I like my pizza.

Crab mac n cheese

Next, we had everybody’s favorite, the Crab Mac n Cheese (PHP 395), a velvety smooth combination of crab meat macaroni, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and chives. It was too much for my taste, although I liked how the strong flavor of the cheese was paired with the crabmeat’s muted sweetness.

The Butter Garlic Chicken (PHP 650) tastes like a regular dish prepared by my mom. Served with a special sauce made with clarified butter, garlic chips, soy garlic, and chives, the chicken was a bit dry and underwhelming. It reminds me of home cooking: unhealthy (probably) but enjoyable.

brown butter tanigue

The star of the night was the Brown Butter Tanigue (PHP 395), which is basically pan-seared Spanish mackerel served with brown butter and squash sauce, topped with alfalfa sprouts and chives. I can’t get enough of the creamy sauce.

bulalo shank

For our main fare, we had the Beef Shank (PHP 495), which puts a twist to the traditional Bulalo that we love. Served on a hot plate with French beans, bok choy, and corn cob, this dish is made with tenderized Bulalo shank and smothered with gravy. It’s not as greasy as other Bulalo dishes I’ve had, probably because there wasn’t too much marrow in the gravy. Maybe that’s why it’s Mr. Barbers’ favorite.

The Barn by Tipsy Pig Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Overall, I loved the different dining experiences offered by The Barn. Serving many of my favorite dishes, this will certainly be one of my go-to places for good comfort food.

The Barn by Tipsy Pig is located on the ground floor of UP Town Center. For reservations, call (02) 513-7946 or (+63) 926-017-5296. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.