“Janis helped me edit different types of marketing collaterals, from video scripts, blog posts, and social media content. Writing has never been my strength — I only started writing when I started my own business.

I often struggle to find the right words to communicate my ideas, and this is where Janis has helped me immensely. She edits and improves my copy without losing my ideas or my writing style. She helps me produce quality content and in the process, she also helps me build my confidence in my own writing skills.”

Lean M., Entrepreneur and Coach

“For 4 years, Janis has been helping me draft compelling business letters and other legal documents for our company. She has helped me write documents that are clear and concise, which are crucial in running our business. She helps me communicate what I need to say.”

Teresa O., Accountant

“Words flowing through Janis’ thoughts are way out of anyone’s league. Her strategies in content writing and campaign formulation are enough to get a certain project rolling. Keep it up! :)”

Ralph Q., Web Developer