Overcoming the writing slump, some travel-related thoughts, and a new logo

Hi there! It’s been so long since my last post, I don’t even remember how to use this platform! Anyway, this is going to be a long, rambling post, so I hope you’re comfortable.

(By the way, you might have noticed that some of the photos on this site have disappeared. That’s on me. Because I’m stupid. In all the confusion caused by the cyberattack I experienced a few months ago, I failed to back up everything. I’m a loser and I’m still in the process of recovering everything. Huhu!)

1. I don’t want to be a blogger anymore.

The first bit of news: there’s going to be a lot of changes here on this site since I’ve discovered what’s keeping me from writing: I actually hate blogging. 

Even before all the attacks that this website has received back in May, I’ve been having trouble setting out to write with the intention of creating an engaging piece of content.

In the past five years, my attitude toward blogging has changed a lot since I discovered SEO and content marketing. When I set out to write a blog post, I feel too restricted. Writing is no longer a creative outlet for me; it’s become a chore. I don’t just have to write I have to look for keywords, edit images, format pages… it’s just too much work. Funny thing is, all that used to be gratifying for me.

So I’ve decided to go back to this site’s original purpose, which is to document my experiences on the road and keep an account for myself. I don’t want to blog for the public anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, though – I still love to write. I do it for a living. I just don’t have a knack for writing with the general public as the audience in mind. So yes, I’m going back to writing for myself and my friends. 🙂

2. Traveling has lost its appeal for me…

In the past couple of years, my idea of travel has changed so much. I think all these years of being inundated with social media posts that feel so contrived and superficial have changed my mind about going out there, experiencing the world, and stuff. 

There’s also the issue of climate change: why work so hard to increase your carbon footprint when we’re already suffering from the terrifying effects of global warming? Massive air traffic will speed up the spread of diseases, and I’m not that excited about the idea of moving constantly, spreading sickness as I go.

One last thing. Do you remember the last time you scrolled through your Facebook feed without coming across a photo of a dead whale or a turtle washed up on a beach with plastic? I do. I also remember a better time when I wasn’t bombarded with social media ads asking me to book my next adventure. 

3. …especially traveling for the sake of having something to post on social media.

Let me circle back to my first point. When you want to impress an audience, everything feels like a circus act. But I’m not a trapeze artist. I just want to experience life and live to tell about it. 

To squeeze as much life as I can get from every second. It doesn’t mean I have to be traveling every week; it’s just seeing everything with the eyes of an inquisitive explorer.

4. I made a new logo.

Actually, Lean did. 🙂 This is the lingling-o, or what they call in Kalinga a lufay. It’s a symbol for fertility and womanhood, and it’s also the first-ever tattoo that I got many years ago (from Whang-Od, the famous traditional tattoo artist from Kalinga.)

I love what this symbol means for me because it reminds me of my duty as a human being to always be creating. There was a poem that I read many years ago (which I can’t remember anymore) that celebrated life’s eternal fecundity. I feel like I want to be a part of that in the sense that I want to be fruitful and prolific both as an artist and as a human being.

Char haha, that’s all for now! 

Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

Oh, and if you’d like to see me write more often, can you cheer me up with a cup of coffee? =)

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