Millennial Travel Habits: Are We Really That Annoying?

Last weekend, I came across a blog post about how millennials, the most talked about demographic, are “losing the real essence of traveling.” What does that mean? What’s so different about millennial travel habits that annoy, well, other millennials?

Universal millennial travel habits?

This aggravating post discussed why the author thinks millennials (him not included) do not seem to get why one should travel: they just travel to have something to post on social media at the risk of losing money needed to pay for bills and everything else, just because they believe it will solve their problems.

First of all, the author was simply too quick to judge an entire generation, accusing them of being shallow and unimaginative, lacking profound reasons for why they travel. It’s ridiculous, considering the content of his site was mostly about the beauty of traveling — I guess he forgot he’s just another internet “guru”, as he called them, who promotes traveling.

I have to agree that it can be sad how some people believe that traveling will instantly make them interesting to their online peers. But to invalidate the experience of others who simply want to have a good time, that’s just mean and unnecessary.

Does it matter?

Is it for us really to judge who’s worthy to travel and who’s not? Like it or not, social media has just made the world larger again: it’s hard not to get bitten by the travel bug when our feeds are filled with posts about far-flung provinces and amazing cities.(#wanderlust, right?)

Last week, I was in Greenbelt and I overheard the conversation of four girls in their mid-20s. They were poring over their Instagram feeds and ogling at their friends’ summer outfits. They talked non-stop about what they wore in what province, and how they can’t wait to try their new bikinis for their next weekend getaway.

Did I ask them to “calm the hell down”? I didn’t. Should we tell them they have to have deeper reasons for traveling? Most probably not. It’s their life. We have to stop judging one another based on what we see on social media. If you have the resources, go out and travel for yourself. Traveling is beautiful, and anyone should be able to enjoy that, full stop.

I’ll end this post with a very easy three-step guide on how to deal with your fellow millennials’ travel photos:

  1. Open your favorite social media account.
  2. See any travel photos by an acquaintance?
  3. If you like what you see, hit like, leave a comment, share it if you must. If you don’t, scroll down. It’s that simple.

Do you have any tips on how millennials should and should not travel? Or why we should? Sound off in the comments section!


Is a digital marketer in a firm in Makati who loves locally sourced coffee, a bowl of zesty pho, and rusty old trains. She likes to write about the places she’s been to and the places she wants to see.

16 thoughts on “Millennial Travel Habits: Are We Really That Annoying?

  1. “The respect you give others is dramatic reflection of the respect you give yourself” -Robin Sharma

    Have a nice day.

  2. I wouldn’t say millennials are annoying. It’s the fact that they are mostly on their active years vs other generations. Well, if the baby boomers have social media when they were at their 20’s wouldn’t they act the same? I mean, it’s the process of life. We all come from being annoying into being mature. My point is, let’s just respect each other and just enjoy our travel adventures whatever reason we may have. 😊

  3. your on point when you said most “people they just travel to have something to post on social media at the risk of losing money needed to pay for bills and everything else” i actually came across a post from a fellow blogger regarding such and i don’t know why they do that. hope to hear from you more…

  4. Coming from a #TitaOfManila (LOL!), people should travel however they want to but making sure they have enough funds. πŸ˜€ When my friends and I were younger (yeah, wala na kami sa kalendaryo), we traveled every summer to different places… and we only had Multiply to dump our travel photos (see, tagal na!). The important thing is that first, you feel happy with what you’re doing and not doing it for the sake of making people envious. And second, you’re wise enough to budget your expenses.

    1. Haha I can totally relate. I’m an older millennial (born late ’80s) so I can definitely call myself as a Tita of Manila. Completely agree, travel all you want as long as you’re spending your own money! And be wais enough. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. When you are of a different generation, it is hard not to comment on the other generation. As a Gen-Xer, there are attitudes I frown at the younger ones but I do not label them as millennials or anything and generalize that everyone of their age acts the same. But that’s it. I judge them in my head and move on. Ha! They are just young. They have different interests. One day, they will get older and hopefully, learn something from their experiences.

  6. I agree that we should stop judging others on what they do in life, there’s already too much hate in the world so don’t need to add up. I love to travel too if given the chance for I love to experience their culture and see their amazing views. 😊

    1. Completely agree with you that there’s too much hate in the world as it is, Rose. Thanks for dropping by!

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