Traveling Soon? Here’s Why You Need Travel Insurance

I seldom get travel insurance when I’m traveling. I’ve always thought that I have enough street smarts to survive any city that doesn’t speak

I seldom get travel insurance when I’m traveling. I’ve always thought that I have enough street smarts to survive any city that doesn’t speak my language, so I never saw the need for it.

What I Didn’t Know

I must admit, I thought that a travel insurance package was only for those who have an active lifestyle and take part in adrenaline-pumping adventures. What I didn’t know was it could also be useful for city tours.

In 2016, my friends and I traveled to Chiayi, Taiwan, to get on the famous train to Alishan. Although we got there late in the afternoon, we wanted to squeeze in a short tour of the city, or at least, pay a visit to the National Chung Cheng University in Minxiong.

Chungching University

Why did we want to go there? That was what the receptionist at our hostel wanted to know. Well, it was the setting for Meteor Garden, that popular television series from 2002 that took Manila by storm.

Chung Cheng University

It was almost sunset when we arrived at the university. We had fun reminiscing about our lives in college and figuring out which scenes from Meteor Garden were shot where. Since we didn’t want to be out too late that night (our hostel was about an hour away), we made sure not to miss the last bus to the train station.

train station sign

We were too giddy about the idea that we were walking down the same streets F4 did (yes, we were). In our excitement, one of our friends dropped her purse somewhere in Minxiong. It contained all her money, her credit and debit cards, and our HSR tickets to Kaohsiung and back. 🙁 We didn’t even find out until the next day!

Train station

Naturally, we were all flustered on the following day. Since we couldn’t re-book the HSR, we had to make adjustments to our itinerary. We just tried to make the best out of our remaining days in Taiwan.

How Travel Insurance Helps

Since then, I decided to get travel insurance whenever needed so I can have a worry-free vacation. In our case, we could have had enjoyed the last leg of our Taiwan trip even if we encountered any further inconvenience had we bought insurance.

Getting a travel insurance could give you the peace of mind that you need. Depending on your chosen insurance package, you could enjoy travel protection from most emergencies, such as losing your passport or luggage or getting into an accident.

Personally, I will choose to go with Travel Master from Malayan Insurance. With Travel Master, the country’s most comprehensive travel insurance package, I get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Personal Accident Coverage
  • Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Recovery of Travel Expenses
  • Travel Inconvenience Benefits
  • Travel Assistance

As for my friend who lost her purse, we were able to retrieve it the following day. A student at the National Chung Cheng University turned it over to the security officer at Minxiong Station. ❤️ Even so, it was a stressful experience that we wouldn’t wish to happen to anyone.

Contact Malayan Insurance

If you’re traveling anytime soon, I recommend that you get your travel insurance here. If you have questions about the platform or Malayan’s travel insurance package, get in touch with an agent by visiting any of Malayan’s branches.

You may also contact Malayan or email them at Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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