Lakaw ta, Bai! Tour the Philippines with Baste Duterte

Fans of Baste Duterte and Bogart the Explorer have something new to look forward to. Starting on May 21, TV5 will be airing “Lakbai!” an eight-week travel special that will showcase the Philippines’ best travel destinations.

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Together with his closest friends, presidential son Baste Duterte explores the country’s best tourist spots. He will be joined by internet sensation Bogart the Explorer, Alexis Lumbatan, Sboi Malicay, and videographer Andrei Apostol.

“Lakbai” is short for “Lakaw ta, bai!” a Visayan expression which translates to “Lakad na, kaibigan” (“Let’s go, friend”) or as Baste puts it, “Lakwatsa tayo, kaibigan” (“Let’s go on a ride, friend”). (Remember that phrase, that may come in handy when you want to make new friends in Mindanao.)

Lakbai with Baste Duterte

In every episode, the gang will visit different provinces and sample its delicacies. We’ll see a different side of Baste Duterte as he goofs around with his long-time friends in the show. We’ll also find new places in the country where one can go on an adventure. (Actually, what I’m most excited about is that this show will be both in Filipino and Visaya. I guess that’s a first for local primetime TV.)

Catch Baste Duterte, Bogart the Explorer, and their friends on TV5 starting on May 21, Sunday, right after the PBA game.

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