K-Pop MVs set in Hong Kong

The world is in flames and one of the best forms of escapism that I have in the past few months is watching K-Pop music videos. Haha anyway, Hong Kong has been on my mind for a while now, so I looked for inspiration on where I can go the next time I visit the city. What better way to reminisce about your visit than watching it come to life, right?

Here are some music videos I found that are set in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. 

GOT7’s “You Are”

Suzy’s “Yes No Maybe”

DIA’s “왠지 [Somehow]”

SEVENTEEN’s “Check-In”

Kim Sung Kyu’s “True Love”

TEEN TOP’s “I wanna love”

Mamamoo’s “Wind Flower”

Thinking aloud

I’ve been thinking a lot about Hong Kong in the past few weeks. After the massive protests last year, I can’t help but wonder what Hong Kong’s future will look like. (But then again, much in the world is uncertain at the moment anyway.) 

A small, selfish part of me has been wondering when can I visit this beautiful city again. As we slowly re-emerge from the 170+ days of lockdown, I’m finally allowing myself to think about future travel plans, and I know that once all this is over, I’ll be on the next flight to Hong Kong.

Anyway, that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed these beautiful MVs. I probably missed a whole lot more, so share them with me in the comments! (And stan Mamamoo! haha)

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