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Last week, I had the chance to visit Hot Star Large Fried Chicken in Eastwood with my boyfriend. Joelle Ami, the Marketing Assistant at Hot Star, invited us back in December to sample more items from their local menu. I’ve only ever tried their chicken fillet, which is my absolute favorite, so this opportunity was something I didn’t want to miss.

I first heard of Hot Star when they opened a branch in Katipunan sometime in 2015 (I think), but I never got around to try it until I went to Taiwan. I was having a serious case of separation anxiety after I went home from my short vacation, and I was dying to eat something that will remind me of the night markets in Taipei. A day after I got back, I just had to have a bite of their famous large fried chicken so I headed straight to the Katipunan branch right after work haha.


Hot Star’s branch in Eastwood is ideal for a quick lunch break from work, or for meeting friends to chat. It’s also a good spot for hanging out when you need to do work away from the office for a few hours.

Photo by Lean Mulimbayan

What We Ate

Hot Star Original Large Chicken with Barbecue Sauce

Hot Star Philippines offers the same awesome 12-inch deep-fried chicken fillet that the Taiwanese love. I like how moist and flavorful it is, with a nice crunch. It’s not as peppery as the one I tried in Taipei, but it’s still satisfyingly good and tasty. It comes in five flavors: salt and pepper, chili pepper, barbecue, sweet and sour, and red hot.

According to Joelle, this is one of their bestsellers. It’s not hard to see how Filipinos would fall for the salty-sweet glaze that Hot Star adds to their signature large fried chicken. You don’t even need gravy for it.

Photo byLean Mulimbayan

Original Junior Chicken (Salt and Pepper)

This is for those who want to enjoy Hot Star’s signature chicken fillet with rice. It’s basically a smaller serving of their famous deep-fried chicken, and it’s also available in five delicious flavors. This will definitely give you the best bang for your buck.

Photo by Lean Mulimbayan

Chicken Dumpling

Available in all stores except Fishermall and SM Megamall, this is one of the local additions to the Hot Star menu. Served with stir-fried rice mixed with a specially blended sauce, the chicken dumpling is nothing special, but it’s satisfying enough as a snack on any stressful workday, or if you want a tasty meal when you’re on a tight budget.

Photo by Lean Mulimbayan

Fries and Chicken Skin with Chili Pepper 

Another local offering added to please the Filipino palate, Hot Star’s chicken skin is a tasty appetizer best paired with a cold beer or ice crush. I’m not a fan of chicken skin, though, and I found it too salty for my taste. What I liked was their fries, which tastes better than those served in other fast food outlets.

Photo by Lean Mulimbayan
Photo by Lean Mulimbayan

Almond-Black Gulaman Combi Ice Crush

Yummy and heavenly, this drink has everything I want in a dessert and more! I’m not kidding. It’s basically a combination of the Almond and Black Gulaman slushie. TRY IT.

Photo by Lean Mulimbayan

About Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

In 1992, Hot Star was born as a small kiosk in the busy Shilin Market in Taipei. Hot Star’s signature fried chicken was a huge hit in Taiwan, selling more than 3000 chicken fillets every day. Since then, Hot Star has expanded to several Asian countries and territories, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

In 2014, Hot Star opened its first fast-food restaurant in Pasay City. At present, there are eight branches in the country: Banawe, Blue Bay, SM Manila, Vista Mall Sta. Rosa, Eastwood, Megamall, Fishermall, and La Peral Recto. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken was brought to the Philippines by the RJV Restaurant Group of Companies.

Photo by Lean Mulimbayan

Hours of Operation (Eastwood Branch)

Unit 2-C G/F and Unit 2B-2C Mezzanine Area, Eastwood City Walk 2,
Eastwood City, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City | Phone: (02) 997-0271

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM – 08:00 PM

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  1. While I haven’t visited any of their branches yet, I have tried Hot Star’s Original Large Chicken with Barbecue Sauce. My sister went home late a couple of weeks ago with some Hot Star chicken, but she only bought one serving because she didn’t know I was still awake.
    She shared her food with me, and there was so much chicken it was enough for both of us.

    I like how affordable the food is, and it’s also nice that you always get your money’s worth because the servings are HUGE.

  2. My favorite thing about Hot Star is their original large fried chicken because it’s so full and satisfies my chicken cravings. I also pair it with blue lemonade. It has been a long time since I went to Hot Star, so I plan to try their other meals when I go back in the Eastwood branch 😀

  3. Very large moist chicken that explodes with flavors and most of all, Banawe is quite close to me. It even inspired me to shout out this cheer……..”Hot Star, Hot Star, you’re the man (or the chicken). If you can’t do it, no one can!!!!”

  4. I love eating Hot Star Fried Chicken because it’s one of a kind: a very big chunk of crispy fried chicken that alone is enough to be eaten as a snack or a meal. I even eat it without rice and I get full by it alone. And yes, very flavourful all by itself, no gravy needed. In addition, it’s very unique to the fried chickens offered by fast foods for its unique idea of being a chicken fillet rather than those chopped chunks of chicken with bones. I also live near Fisher Mall, where I can always easily buy a serving whenever I crave for some.

  5. Is the promo still ongoing? Because the post does not say which Wednesday it ends. Anyway…
    I haven’t been tried Hot Star Fried Chicken, but I want to go there with my family and try their Original Large Chicken with BBQ Sauce, Crispy Large Chicken with Chili Pepper, Crispy Large Fish with Sweet and Sour, Chicken Pops, Fries, Sticky Rice, Mushroom Potato, Spaghetti, Almond Black Gulaman Combi, and Blue Ice Tea.

  6. I havent been to any Hot Star Large Fried Chicken branch. But I would love to check it out sometime this week (specially if Im chosen for the GC give away *wink *wink ;P). I would love to try the Large Chicken Fillet of course Barbeque Flavor, Fries, and Almond Black Gulaman Combi Ice Crush. Make that 2 of everything for me and my wife 🙂 Thanks for the very interesting and helpful post. Have a nice day!

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