The holiday season has officially started! It’s the perfect time to show your support and celebrate your friend, family member, colleague, or fellow business owner.

If you’re already in search of the perfect gifts for your entrepreneur friends and family, I’m here to help.

Beat the holiday rush and start looking for ideas for your early Christmas shopping!

Here’s a guide on how to find the perfect gift for both new and old business owners.

How to Find the Perfect Gifts for Business Owners

Buy Something You’d Want to Receive

If you’re not sure what to get, try to look for something that would make you happy. It’s always a good idea to gift something that you know could brighten someone’s day rather than just get something impersonal.

Gift Something You Find Exciting

Make sure to get a gift that would also excite you. Spend time thinking about what your recipient would be surprised (and happy!) to receive. It’s time to think outside the box!

Get Something Practical

You’ll never go wrong when you go for a gift that’s useful and practical. Small business owners usually have too much on their plate, so consider what gifts could make their lives a little easier.

What about a photoshoot session with a local photographer so they can update their LinkedIn photo? A gadget that can help them find their key easily? These are just a few ideas – think about your recipient’s interests and lifestyle, and look for a way to make it more fun and convenient.

Find Something They Can Use in Their Business

If your friend or family has just started a business, you can get them something related to their venture. If they’re starting an e-commerce business, you can give them an electronic device like a basic phone or a tablet to make it easier for them to track orders.

For those with an online business, you can help them with digital products that would elevate their online presence. What about a license for a website design template, a year’s worth of web hosting, or a subscription to an online designer?

Personalize Your Gift

Personalized items make for a memorable gift. These days, you can easily find customizable products for both personal or corporate gift-giving. Just make sure that you’re getting something useful and durable so your recipient can use it for a long time.