My Experience with Booky Prime

I promised never to use my blog to complain and whine about something I don’t like or something that’s too upsetting. But I need help in deciding what to do, so I hope you could read my story and leave a comment below.

Last year, I discovered a useful app called Booky. It’s an online restaurant booking app that gives its users discounts and buy one, get one (BOGO) deals. Along with Zomato (an online resto directory) and Eatigo (a similar app), Booky has been a great companion during the holiday season when I had to eat out a lot to meet with friends from all over the town.

In October, BPI Cards offered three months of free Booky Prime membership.

booky prime

I decided to give it a shot; after all, I just recently moved to Makati after living in QC for ten years. I wanted to explore all the good restaurants in the city with friends, and Booky could help me with that.

After less than a month, I realized that I didn’t need the subscription, or even the app. I could get by just fine with Zomato on my phone since they have more information on the kinds of restaurants I wanted to try.

I promptly emailed them to ask to cancel my Prime subscription, which they did. (I don’t have a copy of the email exchange anymore, but since I’m currently on free trial, they must have already canceled my subscription and I reverted to the basic — free — account).

I haven’t given it much thought anymore because I was confident that they have already canceled my subscription, and so they probably don’t have my card details anymore. Fast forward to this morning. I received this email:


I panicked. I emailed them, asking them to check again. It must have been a mistake, because I already told them that I don’t need the subscription a couple of months back. I tried calling them, but no one’s picking up the mobile phone that they posted on Facebook.

I even tried talking to them on Twitter. All I received was this:

I haven’t heard from them since. I’m getting a bit worried now.

So my question is, how do I go about this? Should I talk to BPI to warn them about this, or should I wait until Booky charges my card for a subscription I no longer need? Or could it be possible that there was just a mixup with the emails, and that I wasn’t supposed to receive that retention email in the first place?

What do you think?

UPDATE: Late last night, Booky emailed me and said I wouldn’t be charged. As I suspected, there was an issue with the segmentation of their mailing list. What a relief.

2 thoughts on “My Experience with Booky Prime

  1. Madam, I think you have to settle this with Booky themselves. I had a similar problem in the past, and BPI said that I needed to fix it with the vendor because I willingly gave my card information (therefore not fraud).

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