How to Start Your Own Travel Blog

I like making people laugh, so telling stories came naturally to me. It was something I’ve enjoyed since high school. I think this is the reason why, as far as I can remember, I love documenting my experiences and funny conversations. It only makes sense that I would want to start a blog.

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Just Cancel Nas Daily

Almost everyone and their aunt have spoken about Nas Daily’s most recent controversy. In a now-deleted Facebook post, Grace Palicas of Buscalan, Kalinga, the niece of the world-famous traditional tattoo artist Whang-Od, claimed that Nas Daily is taking advantage of their culture by publishing a course on the art of traditional Kalinga tattoos, which was […]

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Help us raise funds for students in Taguig

Hi friends! We’re raising funds to buy portable Wi-Fi devices for poor students in our city. As you may have heard, DepEd has implemented a blended mode of learning, and students will be receiving a combination of online and module-based instruction. Some students simply cannot afford a smart device, let alone a reliable internet connection.

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K-Pop MVs set in Hong Kong

The world is in flames and one of the best forms of escapism that I have in the past few months is watching K-Pop music videos. Haha anyway, Hong Kong has been on my mind for a while now, so I looked for inspiration on where I can go the next time I visit the […]

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