Content Marketing

Fluff Writing: How to Avoid It and Improve Your Content

Fluff writing is a prevalent issue that hampers the effectiveness of most kinds of content. Essentially, fluff refers to overly wordy writing, lacks substance, and does not add any value to the piece. Fluff writing can make an article or essay difficult to read and understand, which can turn off your readers. To avoid fluff […]

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Writing for the Web: Creating Effective Content

Writing for the web is a unique skill that requires a different approach than traditional writing. With the rise of digital media and the internet, more and more content is being consumed online. This means that writers need to adapt to the digital landscape in order to effectively communicate with their audience.

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B2B Video Marketing: Best Practices and Tips

Lights, camera, conversions! In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, video has emerged as the superhero that captures attention and drives results. But how can you harness the full power of video marketing to capture the attention of your audience? In this article, we turn to Next Level Marketing’s Carl to take us on a […]

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