8 Beauty Essentials for Your Next Trip from Dearberry 

I don’t often wear makeup, but when I do, I go for Korean products. We all know how time-consuming the Koreans’ beauty and skincare regimen can be, though, so I hardly do it, if at all.

However, after I tried products from the up-and-coming brand Dearberry, I found that looking good and keeping my skin healthy even when on the go can be possible. In fact, it made me realize that it’s not that hard after all.

Danbi moisture care
Danbi moisture care
Dearberry Flirt
Dearberry Flirt lipsticks

What I recommend

Here are some of my favorite products from the Dearberry blogger event that I attended a couple of weeks ago. They’re too cute and nifty, you’ll take it anywhere with you. 

Dearberry products

Suri Suri Aguamenti Powder Pact

Aside from the cute packaging, I love how this compact powder brightens my face. It also works as a sunscreen, so I don’t have to put on too many products. Of course, as with most Korean brands, I had to look for the shade that’s right for my skin tone.


Dearberry Pore-Rimer
Dearberry Pore-Rimer

I feel like this product can make me look flawless haha. I love how light it feels.

Photo Sharp (#) Concealer

This product blends smoothly and looks natural on my skin. It comes in two shades: light beige and natural beige.

Play Choux

Dearberry Play Choux
Dearberry Play Choux

If you don’t want to look pale in the morning but don’t have that much time, this highlighter might just do the trick.

Toc Toc Blusher

Dearberry Toc Toc Blusher

Look at that tiny mirror. With its compact packaging, I can easily use this blusher anytime of the day. I also like the shades that these blushers come in.

Blueberry Tint Lip Balm

Blueberry Tint Lip Balm
Blueberry Tint Lip Balm

This lip balm is perfect for women like me who get chapped lips when the weather turns cold. It’s compact and cute and reminds me very much of Vicks haha.

Flirt Lipstick

I got shade #8 (Red Parade). It’s creamy and bright, but I don’t use it often as it doesn’t last that long. In any case, the shades from the Flirt line are perfect for selfies.

Dearberry Flirt
Dearberry Flirt Red Parade

Ice Cream Hand Cream

This hand cream smells clean and is non-sticky, which is perfect for me. I actually take this with me wherever I go — that’s how much I like it haha.

About Dearberry

Dearberry is one of Korea’s trusted brands when it comes to beauty and skincare. Made with berry extracts and other natural ingredients, their products give the skin a healthy glow while keeping it nourished and supple.

Coco's Secret Recipe
Coco’s Secret Recipe Hand Cream

Want to learn more about Dearberry? Visit their official website and Facebook page, or leave a message in the comments section below!

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