Baguio — What You Need to Know About the Baguio City Market

Can you name any market that is more beloved than the Baguio City Market? It’s the only marketplace I know that’s also a popular tourist destination in Luzon.

Whenever I’m in Baguio, I always visit this place to get fresh fruits and vegetables at a much cheaper price than in Manila. This is where I also get pasalubong items, for items such as strawberries and ube jam are usually more expensive in stores near the bus terminals.

In case you need a guide for your next visit to the Baguio City Market, here are some FAQs.

What can I find here?

What can’t you find here? It has everything you need in a market, plus some produce and souvenir items from the different parts of Cordillera. You can find:

  • Cordillera rice wine (“tapuy”)
  • Local handicrafts such as wooden home decor items
  • Coffee from Kalinga, Sagada, Batangas, and Benguet
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Flowers for every occasion
  • Various services like foreign exchange, key duplication, and shoe repair
  • Wacky pasalubongs like the barrelman and “sundot-kulangot”

How do you get to the market?

Commuting in Baguio is relatively easier compared to the rest of Luzon because of the ubiquitous taxi cabs. If you’re staying in town, you can always choose to ride a cab.

If you’re taking the jeepney, you can ask the driver to drop you off at the market. Most of the jeepney routes end in the plaza (Burnham Park), if I’m not mistaken. You may have to walk from Burnham Park to the entrance on Magsaysay Road or to the side entrance along Abanao Road.

Where can I park my car?

I did my research and found that there’s a parking space in Maharlika Livelihood Center, which is right next to the market. There’s another one at Abanao Square, which can be found behind the market. To be sure, you can always park your car in SM City Baguio or the Baguio Cathedral.

Should I haggle?

Yes, as long as you go about it politely! As in any market in the Philippines, it’s common to haggle, especially when you’re buying a large number of items.

Hope you have a great time shopping here! If you want to know where else you can spend your time on, check out this guide to Baguio!

What do you love most about the Baguio City Market? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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