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Janis Narvas

I’m Janis. I’m a digital marketer based in Taguig. I’m an avid bike commuter, and I love nothing more than locally sourced coffee, a bowl of zesty pho, and rusty old trains.

I also like writing about the places I’ve been to and the places I hope to see.

I’m using this platform to promote my advocacy of eco-friendly living and sustainable travel. You might find a few stories about my love affair with bike commuting, and my journey towards becoming a cyclocross racer (hah, I wish!).

If you found any post on this site to be particularly useful to you, let me know in the comments!

A tiny caveat

As a boring millennial with rather common tastes, my destinations may not always be interesting to many people. To be honest, my decision to see more of the Philippines stemmed from my deep, irrational love of my country, so most of the places I’ve visited/ will visit will be related to Philippine culture and history.

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