​Disconnect and Unwind: Tips for Truly Relaxing on Vacation

It is hard to lead a modern life without technology. However, the problem for many of us is that we are so tied to our smartphones and work that it can be really difficult to completely switch off when the time comes to take a vacation.

If you find it hard to switch off from technology and properly relax, you might need a few pointers on how to dial down the stress and clear your mind from all the usual activities that fill your day.

Don’t make plans straight away

Your vacation time is precious and you will want to make the most of your time away from your normal environment. Even so, it’s not a great idea to hit the ground running and make plans for the first day of your break.

Instead, settle into your accommodation, like the JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn for instance, and give yourself a break from rushing around, at least for the first 24 hours.

Even if you barely leave your hotel room on the first day of your vacation, that would be fine as long as you give yourself the chance to unwind and get ready for a more therapeutic and relaxing schedule than your usual routine.

Early nights are fine

The same rules of relaxation apply to your first few evenings on vacation, so resist the temptation to party into the early hours.

A luxurious dinner that isn’t rushed, together with a few glasses of your favorite wine if you like, followed by retiring to bed before midnight, will all work to relax you.

Follow that suggestion and you will wake up the next morning feeling noticeably less stressed than you have been at that time of the day in a long while.

Make the most of every moment

If you are a highly motivated person who likes to get things done efficiently and check off lists as you go, you might find it hard to break the habit and end up approaching your vacation the same way.

Instead of trying to squeeze in activity after activity into your schedule, focus on immersing yourself in the cultural experience and savor the moment rather than ticking off all the sights that you want to see. That way you will improve your chances of feeling relaxed and heading back home at the end of your stay in a calmer state of mind.

Coping with digital detox

This is probably the trickiest part of trying to relax and switch off, as so much of our personal and working life is organized online and through things like social media.

If the idea of completely disconnecting is actually stressing you out, find a suitable compromise where you allow yourself a sneaky half hour to check your messages and deal with a few emails, if that is going to calm you.

Being able to truly relax on vacation can be a real challenge, but it is worth the effort when you manage to bring the stress levels down a notch or two and feel more energized when you return from a break.

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