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Experience Summer in Partakan Festival 2017!

It’s going to be another hot and exciting summer as motorcycle and car enthusiasts, together with their families, converge on the pristine Aguib Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan, for the annual Partakan Festival on April 14 – 15, 2017.


Now on its fourth year, the two-day ride and rock fest is a celebration of the brotherhood, passion, and freedom that everyone can enjoy. It is expected to bring together thousands of motorcycle and car enthusiasts as they compete in several exciting and thrilling activities, including a chance to win P20,000 in the Amazing Ride Moto-Tourism Challenge.

The Amazing Ride

This is similar to the TV series Amazing Race where a team of five members must complete challenges in different locations designated by the Department of Tourism. The contest is open to riders, commuters, clubs, family members, backpackers, or a group of friends. Participants can start their ride anytime any day from April 12 – 15, 2017. It is not a time-bound competition; the team with the highest number of points will be declared as the winner. The Amazing Ride is designed to promote tourism, camaraderie, and family bonding.

Partakan Festival

Aside from the Amazing Ride, participants can also compete in the Auto/Moto Speed Challenge and the Bailout Challenge. The former is a time-based motorcycle and automobile drag race competition in a controlled environment. The participant with the fastest time within a specific category and distance wins the challenge.

The Bailout Challenge

The Bailout Challenge, on the other hand, is patterned after the hit TV series Wipe Out and will test the strength, intelligence, and patience of participants.

Partakan Festival

Other highlights of the event are the Battle of the Bands concert, Summer ReVibe Hip Hop Dance Showdown, and the Partakan Summer Bod Swimsuit Competition. Aside from P20,000, other great prizes await the lucky winners and a motorcycle will be raffled off.

Partakan Festival

Partakan Festival

The Partakan Festival is sponsored by Ropali Motorcycles, one of the biggest motorcycle dealers in the country with more than 120 branches nationwide. For more information and to register, visit and like Partakan Festival on Facebook.

airplane taking off

Save on Your Next Trip with Deals from Groupon Coupons

(This is a sponsored post on Groupon Coupons. All opinions presented in this post are mine.)

Your next vacation doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. When planning and researching for my travels, I always look for ways to cut on my expenses. Usually, I search for the best online deals and discounts that can help me save on accommodations, activities, and other travel-related expense. As much as possible, I also try to look for cheap airline tickets so I won’t have to skimp on food, souvenir, and experiences.

Groupon Coupons

One of the best sources for such deals is Groupon Coupons. Through this platform, I can find coupon codes and discounted deals from numerous merchants and online service providers, such as TripAdvisor and OneTravel. With Groupon Coupons, there are so many deals that I can choose from: from airfare and hotel booking promos to last minute getaway deals for the weekend. As of posting, these are just some of the brands and establishments that have ongoing promotions on the platform:

  • Agoda
  • Bahia Principe Hotels
  • Corinthia Hotels
  • Country Inns & Suites
  • H10 Hotels
  • Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
  • Marriott
  • ParisCityVision
  • Red Roof Inn
  • SmartFares
  • The New York Pass
  • Trivago
  • Undercover Tourist
  • Wyndham

What I love most about Groupon is that through this site, you can find amazing travel packages outside America, as well as items on sale and affordable services depending on your location. Just in case you have any apprehensions over any of the coupons or products, you can check the comments and ratings left by other users of the site. These are very helpful, so I usually look for feedback before making any purchase online.

If you want to learn more about Groupon, visit their Facebook and Twitter pages. With many partner establishments and stores, you’re sure to find something that you need for your trip. Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter so you won’t miss their latest offerings.

Have you tried using Groupon or other similar services before? Let me know about your experience in the comments section!


Find Something Fun to Do Today with Groupon 

(This is a sponsored post. All opinions presented in this post are mine.)

I’ve always wanted to try yoga. When I was a teenager, I had been obsessed with Hinduism and its philosophy (no thanks to the Beatles), and I wanted to learn as much as I can about this religion.

Naturally, I wanted to experience yoga, too. To my mind, it was the most meaningful way to stay strong and healthy.

Nevertheless, I’ve always had reservations about joining a yoga class. For one, most classes were too much for my budget. I also found it intimidating, for I didn’t know where and how to start. Luckily, one of my colleagues recently found a discounted registration voucher for a yoga sessions, and she encouraged me to look for one for newbies.

I’m grateful that I followed my coworker’s advice to look for deals on the Web before I looked for a class to sign up for. Thanks to services like Groupon Things to Do, I can participate in activities and events that interest me without me having to pay an arm and a leg.

To find similar deals and discounted tickets to the latest events, visit Groupon on Facebook and Twitter. You may also visit the Groupon website to learn more about their business. If it’s available in your city, I suggest subscribing to their newsletter so you won’t miss the newest deals and promos.

Have you tried using Groupon or anything like it* to find something fun to do? Tell me about it in the comments section!

*Groupon has ceased its operations in Manila in 2015.

Credit card

Bounce Back from Bad Credit with Catalogue Credit Cards

Don’t let having a poor credit standing or a bad credit rating prevent you from purchasing or acquiring things you need for yourself or your family. Since the financial market and the way it operates have changed over the years, having bad credit no longer has to hurt your financial situation forever.

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Dearberry Lip Service

8 Beauty Essentials for Your Next Trip from Dearberry 

I don’t often wear makeup, but when I do, I go for Korean products. We all know how time-consuming the Koreans’ beauty and skincare regimen can be, though, so I hardly do it, if at all. 

However, after I tried products from the up-and-coming brand Dearberry, I found that looking good and keeping my skin healthy even when on the go can be possible. In fact, it made me realize that it’s not that hard after all.

Danbi moisture care
Danbi moisture care
Dearberry Flirt
Dearberry Flirt lipsticks

What I recommend

Here are some of my favorite products from the Dearberry blogger event that I attended a couple of weeks ago. They’re too cute and nifty, you’ll take it anywhere with you. 

Dearberry products

Suri Suri Aguamenti Powder Pact

Aside from the cute packaging, I love how this compact powder brightens my face. It also works as a sunscreen, so I don’t have to put on too many products. Of course, as with most Korean brands, I had to look for the shade that’s right for my skin tone.


Dearberry Pore-Rimer
Dearberry Pore-Rimer

I feel like this product can make me look flawless haha. I love how light it feels.

Photo Sharp (#) Concealer

This product blends smoothly and looks natural on my skin. It comes in two shades: light beige and natural beige.

Play Choux

Dearberry Play Choux
Dearberry Play Choux

If you don’t want to look pale in the morning but don’t have that much time, this highlighter might just do the trick.

Toc Toc Blusher

Dearberry Toc Toc Blusher

Look at that tiny mirror. With its compact packaging, I can easily use this blusher anytime of the day. I also like the shades that these blushers come in.

Blueberry Tint Lip Balm

Blueberry Tint Lip Balm
Blueberry Tint Lip Balm

This lip balm is perfect for women like me who get chapped lips when the weather turns cold. It’s compact and cute and reminds me very much of Vicks haha.

Flirt Lipstick

I got shade #8 (Red Parade). It’s creamy and bright, but I don’t use it often as it doesn’t last that long. In any case, the shades from the Flirt line are perfect for selfies.

Dearberry Flirt
Dearberry Flirt Red Parade

Ice Cream Hand Cream

This hand cream smells clean and is non-sticky, which is perfect for me. I actually take this with me wherever I go — that’s how much I like it haha.

About Dearberry

Dearberry is one of Korea’s trusted brands when it comes to beauty and skincare. Made with berry extracts and other natural ingredients, their products give the skin a healthy glow while keeping it nourished and supple.

Coco's Secret Recipe
Coco’s Secret Recipe Hand Cream

Want to learn more about Dearberry? Visit their official website and Facebook page, or leave a message in the comments section below!

Hit the beach with new swimwear from Zalora

It’s officially the beach season in the Philippines, and I’m on a mission to find the best swimsuit for me. I’ve been looking for comfortable swimwear that’s both affordable and durable. I don’t like to pay an arm and a leg for a piece of fabric, so I logged on to ZALORA for more options.

I love shopping for the latest swimsuits and other summer essentials at ZALORA. I get value for my money because I can choose from many brands and items without stepping out of the house. Here are some good finds from their collection.

Rash Guards

swimwear from Zalora

I’m a rash guard kind of girl, mostly because I’m afraid of sea critters lurking in the sand, and because I want to enjoy the beach without drawing too much attention. I also recommend wearing a rash guard for added protection, especially if you plan to have fun under the El Niño sun. It’s great to have tan lines, but I believe it would be safer for my skin to be well covered while I engage in various activities at the beach.


swimwear from Zalora

Another favorite of mine is the tankini, which is ideal for swimming pools. (Don’t take my word for it, I just find it easier to swim in a pool wearing a tankini.) This is the most daring outfit I can wear because I’m an honest to goodness Tita of Manila (translation: I’m very conservative). It’s easy to wear, too, because you can put it on as a regular top on your way to your destination.

Cute Prints and Cover-Ups

swimwear from Zalora

Because summer is one of the most documented events in the country (next to weddings and photos of the #blessed life), it’s important to look good in your swimsuit so you can be ready for the camera. You wouldn’t want to see yourself in a drab attire on Instagram, would you? (No, I’m totally kidding. We don’t need a reason to buy lace cover-ups and printed rash guards.)


Of course, for the proud hubaderas, ZALORA offers a wide selection of bikinis of every size and shape. (A word of advice: there’s nothing wrong with wearing this to the beach, but be mindful of the culture of the locals in your next destination. Sure you can wear it in Baler or Boracay, but you might draw stares if you wear one in, say, Sarangani or Surigao del Sur.)

swimwear from Zalora

Log on to ZALORA today for more of their latest swimsuits and accessories. They have lots of discounted clothes and promos, you’ll surely find something that suits your style and budget.