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Have Yourself a Merrier Christmas with Home Credit Philippines

This Christmas, get your loved ones those gadgets that you’ve been eyeing all year. With help from consumer finance companies such as Home Credit Philippines, we can now afford household appliances and personal devices – even without a credit card.

In a previous post, I’ve written how one can bounce back from having bad credit and improve one’s credit rating. In the Philippines, this is now possible.

In-store installment financing is becoming a popular way of making purchases and improving one’s credit rating. According to a survey in one of the country’s largest malls, installment financing is the 2nd most preferred mode of payment next to cash.

With in-store financing options, more consumers are empowered to make smart purchasing decisions and manage their budget better. You don’t have to take chances to get a credit card from a bank or wait until you’ve saved enough for your purchase.

About Home Credit Philippines

Home Credit Philippines offers cost-effective loan installments for gadgets, home appliances, and consumer electronics in more than 1,500 retail stores of 220 partners, which include:

  • Western Appliances
  • SM Appliance Center
  • Silicon Valley
  • AVID
  • SOGO Home
  • Digitrade

Home Credit accepts applications from Filipino citizens with a steady flow of income. With two valid IDs and a minimum cash out, you can have the chance to bring home the gadget of your dreams for Christmas.*

For more information on their loans and other products, visit Home Credit Philippines’ website or call their customer service hotline at (02) 753-5711.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please note that we are not affiliated with Home Credit. For inquiries, please get in touch with the company. 

the barn by tipsy pig

A Different Dining Experience at The Barn by Tipsy Pig

If you’re from the north and you love to eat like me, you must have braved the EDSA traffic at least once just to get a good meal in Pasig or Taguig. Fortunately, there are always new places to try in Quezon City. For those who enjoy unique gastronomic experiences, you’ll love the newest restaurant on this side of town – The Barn by Tipsy Pig. 


At The Barn, we find the basic elements of Tipsy Pig Gastropub that customers have come to love: their signature bestsellers, their unique cocktails and flavored beers, and even the decor and interior design. With its modern yet edgy interiors and long wooden tables, it’s a perfect spot for a drink with co-workers or a hearty meal with the family.

The Barn Menu

Executive chef Rainier Barbers said that there’s nothing fancy about their new Western-Asian themed dishes: they simply want to share food that hits home. Mr. Barbers and his partner want their customers to discover the food they’ve enjoyed in their travels, but served with a local twist that will tickle our palate.

potato shrimp balls

We had Potato Shrimp Balls (PHP 280) for our starter, which is a simple dish with local shrimp and parsley, and laced with aligue mayonnaise. That may not sound like an unhealthy combination, but the mayo sure complemented the chewy goodness of the potato balls.

the barn salad

Next, we had The Barn (PHP 290), a gourmet salad prepared with mixed greens, arugula, slices of egg, candied walnut, Bleu cheese, and bacon vinaigrette. I’m a huge fan of Bleu cheese, so naturally, this blew me away.

farmhouse pizza

The Farmhouse Pizza (PHP 420) is a thin-crust pizza with Prosciutto, tomato confit, arugula, and mozzarella topped with balsamic glaze. It’s crunchy and light, which is how I like my pizza.

Crab mac n cheese

Next, we had everybody’s favorite, the Crab Mac n Cheese (PHP 395), a velvety smooth combination of crab meat macaroni, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and chives. It was too much for my taste, although I liked how the strong flavor of the cheese was paired with the crabmeat’s muted sweetness.

The Butter Garlic Chicken (PHP 650) tastes like a regular dish prepared by my mom. Served with  a special sauce made with clarified butter, garlic chips, soy garlic, and chives, the chicken was a bit dry and underwhelming. It reminds me of home cooking: unhealthy (probably) but enjoyable.

brown butter tanigue

The star of the night was the Brown Butter Tanigue (PHP 395) , which is basically pan-seared Spanish mackerel served with brown butter and squash sauce, topped with alfalfa sprouts and chives. I can’t get enough of the creamy sauce.

bulalo shank

For our main fare, we had the Beef Shank (PHP 495), which puts a twist to the traditional Bulalo that we love. Served on a hot plate with French beans, bok choy, and corn cob, this dish is made with tenderized Bulalo shank and smothered with gravy. It’s not as greasy as other Bulalo dishes I’ve had, probably because there wasn’t too much marrow in the gravy. Maybe that’s why it’s Mr. Barbers’ favorite.

The Barn by Tipsy Pig Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Overall, I loved the different dining experience offered by The Barn. Serving many of my favorite dishes, this will certainly be one of my go-to places for good comfort food.

The Barn by Tipsy Pig is located on the ground floor of UP Town Center. For reservations, call (02) 513-7946 or (+63) 926-017-5296. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Find Something Fun to Do Today with Groupon 

(This is a sponsored post. All opinions presented in this post are mine.)

I’ve always wanted to try yoga. When I was a teenager, I had been obsessed with Hinduism and its philosophy (no thanks to the Beatles), and I wanted to learn as much as I can about this religion.

Naturally, I wanted to experience yoga, too. To my mind, it was the most meaningful way to stay strong and healthy.

Nevertheless, I’ve always had reservations about joining a yoga class. For one, most classes were too much for my budget. I also found it intimidating, for I didn’t know where and how to start. Luckily, one of my colleagues recently found a discounted registration voucher for a yoga sessions, and she encouraged me to look for one for newbies.

I’m grateful that I followed my coworker’s advice to look for deals on the Web before I looked for a class to sign up for. Thanks to services like Groupon Things to Do, I can participate in activities and events that interest me without me having to pay an arm and a leg.

To find similar deals and discounted tickets to the latest events, visit Groupon on Facebook and Twitter. You may also visit the Groupon website to learn more about their business. If it’s available in your city, I suggest subscribing to their newsletter so you won’t miss the newest deals and promos.

Have you tried using Groupon or anything like it* to find something fun to do? Tell me about it in the comments section!

*Groupon has ceased its operations in Manila in 2015.

Credit card

Bounce Back from Bad Credit with Catalogue Credit Cards

Don’t let having a poor credit standing or a bad credit rating prevent you from purchasing or acquiring things you need for yourself or your family. Since the financial market and the way it operates have changed over the years, having bad credit no longer has to hurt your financial situation forever.

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Dearberry Lip Service

8 Beauty Essentials for Your Next Trip from Dearberry 

I don’t often wear makeup, but when I do, I go for Korean products. We all know how time-consuming the Koreans’ beauty and skincare regimen can be, though, so I hardly do it, if at all. 

However, after I tried products from the up-and-coming brand Dearberry, I found that looking good and keeping my skin healthy even when on the go can be possible. In fact, it made me realize that it’s not that hard after all.

Danbi moisture care
Danbi moisture care
Dearberry Flirt
Dearberry Flirt lipsticks

What I recommend

Here are some of my favorite products from the Dearberry blogger event that I attended a couple of weeks ago. They’re too cute and nifty, you’ll take it anywhere with you. 

Dearberry products

Suri Suri Aguamenti Powder Pact

Aside from the cute packaging, I love how this compact powder brightens my face. It also works as a sunscreen, so I don’t have to put on too many products. Of course, as with most Korean brands, I had to look for the shade that’s right for my skin tone.


Dearberry Pore-Rimer
Dearberry Pore-Rimer

I feel like this product can make me look flawless haha. I love how light it feels.

Photo Sharp (#) Concealer

This product blends smoothly and looks natural on my skin. It comes in two shades: light beige and natural beige.

Play Choux

Dearberry Play Choux
Dearberry Play Choux

If you don’t want to look pale in the morning but don’t have that much time, this highlighter might just do the trick.

Toc Toc Blusher

Dearberry Toc Toc Blusher

Look at that tiny mirror. With its compact packaging, I can easily use this blusher anytime of the day. I also like the shades that these blushers come in.

Blueberry Tint Lip Balm

Blueberry Tint Lip Balm
Blueberry Tint Lip Balm

This lip balm is perfect for women like me who get chapped lips when the weather turns cold. It’s compact and cute and reminds me very much of Vicks haha.

Flirt Lipstick

I got shade #8 (Red Parade). It’s creamy and bright, but I don’t use it often as it doesn’t last that long. In any case, the shades from the Flirt line are perfect for selfies.

Dearberry Flirt
Dearberry Flirt Red Parade

Ice Cream Hand Cream

This hand cream smells clean and is non-sticky, which is perfect for me. I actually take this with me wherever I go — that’s how much I like it haha.

About Dearberry

Dearberry is one of Korea’s trusted brands when it comes to beauty and skincare. Made with berry extracts and other natural ingredients, their products give the skin a healthy glow while keeping it nourished and supple.

Coco's Secret Recipe
Coco’s Secret Recipe Hand Cream

Want to learn more about Dearberry? Visit their official website and Facebook page, or leave a message in the comments section below!