Bucket List Series: What to Do in Nepal

We’ve all been there: sometimes, we just can’t focus at work so we spend company time aimlessly browsing the internet and checking for cheap flights. These days, I’ve been reading about one of the countries in my bucket list: Nepal! I knew I’ll become more excited about hitting my financial goals this year by mentally mapping where to go and what to do in Nepal, so I’m writing this post now. 🙂


If I ever get the chance to visit Nepal this year, here are some of the things that I plan to do:

1. Hunt for the Abominable Snowman

I read from Atlas Obscura that there’s a Himalayan monastery claiming to have the scalp of an abominable snowman. I know I’ll miss half of my life if I won’t go on a pilgrimage to hear about the myths surrounding the yeti from locals. (Never mind that this article reports that there are no yetis, just a yet to be identified species of bears. Science, ruining everything since 1543.)

2. Explore Kathmandu on a Vespa

I read that there are tours that can take you around Kathmandu in a vintage Vespa. How cool is that? You can explore the villages of the valley and make culinary discoveries on a guided tour!

3. Try the Yak Butter Tea

This creamy concoction traditionally drank in the Himalayan region is a blend of salty, fermented yak butter, black tea, salt, and milk. I imagine it resembles its younger cousin, the Bulletproof coffee. Packed with calories, it must be an ideal drink for those who live in high altitudes.

4. Go paragliding in Pokhara

I’m the laziest person in the world, but I sure won’t pass up the chance to try paragliding in Nepal’s adventure capital of Pokhara. I want to fly with eagles and witness the stunning view of the Phewa Lake. Just the thought of soaring miles and miles above the ground under a parachute canopy makes me weak in the knees.

5. Get a glimpse of Mt. Everest

I’m not a mountaineer, but I love exploring villages in mountainous areas. I’ve always had an affinity to mountains; I think conquering them and communing with nature are great ways to remind ourselves of our own mortality, and how all life is fleeting, and yet eternal.

I know I’m waxing poetic, and you might find that corny. But how can I not be, when I’m faced with landscapes as awesome as these? (Thanks to the amazing Eka Moises for the photos!)

Can you add any other activity on this list?

All photos are taken by the awesome Eka Moises.


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